Program Requirements

Below is a list of the programs offered by IGSM. Students are allowed to take learning modules at IGSM as non-degree students. However those wishing to move into a degree program should not take more than two modules before enrolling in their desired degree program.

As you will see in the descriptions there is a great degree of flexibility built in so that the needs of all students may be addressed.

 Program EntranceRequirements  Graduation Requirements
    Traditional Credit  Hours* Module Hours**
Advanced Certificate High school diploma or equivalentPart-time or full-time ministry and/or recommendation of Sr. Pastor 8 hours   240 hours  
Diploma in Ministry High school diploma or equivalentPart-time or full-time ministry and/or recommendation of Sr. Pastor 32 hours 960 hours
Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry (B. Min.) B.A. degreePreparing for or currently involved in part-time or full-time ministry and recommendation of Sr. Pastor 48 hours if already have B.A./ otherwise 72 hours 1,440 hours if already have B.A./ otherwise 2,160 hours
Master of Ministry (M. Min.) B.A. degree or equivalentFull-time ministry

3 years ministry experience

40 hours including Thesis 1,200 hours  including Thesis
Doctor of Ministry Degree(D. Min.) Masters Degree or equivalentFull-time ministry

5 years ministerial experience

40 hours including Dissertation 1,200 hours includingDissertation

*Credit hours are the standard terminology for most schools and are generally defined as 30 hours of academic work consisting of classroom instruction, reading assignments and independent project work. Thus, for a traditional four-credit class the expectation is that the student will spend 120+ hours completing all class assignments. We allow students to take learning modules which are the equivalent of 2-4 traditional credit hours. The difference is the amount of hours required in reading, research, writing, and practical ministry assignments

**Module hours are used by IGSM as an alternative to determine the amount of work a student does to receive credit. The table below shows how module hours are determined.

Assignment Module Hour Credit
30 pages reading 1 hour
1 page writing (approximately 200 words)  1 1/2 hours
1 hour researching 1 hour
1 hour attending seminar 1 hour
1 hour listening/viewing audio/video cassette 1 hour
1 hour meeting with mentor 1 hour
1 hour practical ministry directly related to module assignment 1 hour

Life-learning credits/directed study credits

Students are allowed to receive the equivalent of two learning modules through the use of life-learning credits or directed study credits. These credits must be applied for and specific requirements must be met in order to receive the credits.

Thesis and Dissertation

Students in the Master of Ministries program are required as the last module in their studies to complete a Master’s Thesis. The format for this thesis follows standard academic requirements. We have prepared a guide that provides the necessary guidelines for completing the Thesis/Dissertation. However the subject for the Thesis is expected to be something that is practical and applicable by the student in their current ministry setting.

Students in the Doctor of Ministry program are required to complete a Doctoral Dissertation as the last module. The style and focus is similar to those completing the Master’s Thesis, although the requirements are more extensive.