Transfer of Credits

Transfer credit may be granted for course work taken at accredited institutions when such work is deemed equivalent to courses offered at IGSM. Generally, only partial credit can be given for academic work taken at a non-accredited institution. Credit hours earned in other academic programs that resulted in the award of a specific degree may not be transferred for credit. Under-graduate credit is generally unacceptable as graduate level transfer credit. Transfer credit does not occur automatically, but must be requested in writing at the time of admission.

Transfer of credit from one institution to another normally involves at least three considerations:

  1. The educational quality of the institution from which the student transfers.
  2. The comparability of the nature, content, and level of credit earned to that offered by IGSM.
  3. The appropriateness and applicability of the credit earned to the programs offered by IGSM, in light of the student’s educational goals.

As a general rule, the limit for transfer credit is one-half of the total hours required for a degree or non-degree program.

Credit for Experience-Based Learning

IGSM is committed to the position of the Distance Education and Training Council (USA) on “Transfer and Equivalent Credit” which includes the following provision:

Credit may be given for adequately validated experiential equivalent learning of a postsecondary nature. Examples are: credit for business experience, university level equivalency tests, achievement in a related profession, military training or other post-secondary level equivalent experience.

However experience-based credit may not exceed 10 module hours and cannot be used as part of any graduate study (Master of Ministry or Doctor of Ministry degrees).

The amount of credit for experiential learning is determined based upon a review of materials supplied to the mentor by the student. These materials will include a description of the work that was done and the approximate hours involved. Once the mentor approves the number of hours that can be credited the student will pay a fee for those hours at the same rate as that for other module hours. The fee along with the student application will then be sent to the IGSM office to become part of the student’s records.