Graduation Policies

No matter where you live, you are invited to participate in our annual commencement ceremonies held in the Seattle, Washington area. If you are visiting from out of town, you are responsible for arranging your own travel and accommodations.

Student GraduatingIn addition, where we have a multiple graduates in one region or area, we hold regional commencement ceremonies. These are scheduled when possible by the IGSM office.

If you are unable to attend the commencement ceremonies in Seattle or a regional ceremony then you will be allowed to graduate without attending these ceremonies. However, when we do have a ceremony in your region or area you are required to attend except in cases of extreme emergency or other difficult circumstances. Students who have graduated in previous years but were unable to attend a commencement ceremony because they were not available regionally may attend any commencement ceremony that is available, even ones that are 1-2 years after their graduation. We want to be able to honor you for all your hard work and dedication and give you the recognition you deserve.

The graduation fee is 60% of the fee for one modular hour of credit.

All fees (e.g., module fees, graduation fees, dissertation or thesis fees, etc.) must be paid in full before a certificate, diploma, or degree will be issued.