We constantly monitor, assess and evaluate IGSM for several reasons:

  • To ensure that the school is actually meeting the needs of students.
  • To make necessary improvements identified during modules and as a result of the assessment process.
  • To ensure institutional effectiveness (“…a systematic, explicit, and documented comparison of institutional performance to institutional purpose.” Southern Association of Colleges and Schools—SACS)
  • To ensure that we are being effective in fulfilling our mission/vision.

Quality can be defined as meeting or exceeding the expectations of those who use the product we develop. When we speak of theological education our primary clients are pastors, congregations, and ministries. Therefore we need to know if we are producing what they want or need.

Listed below are the four primary sources IGSM will use for evaluation.

Module Evaluations—Students

Each student is required to fill out an evaluation form at the end of each module. This evaluation form includes both objective and subjective questions and allows the student to clarify their responses with additional comments as necessary. We try to evaluate the total experience of the student as they complete their studies.

Annual Evaluations

Quarterly we send out comprehensive surveys to a random sampling of our students and mentors. This allows us to keep track of how we are doing as a school in meeting the needs of those we serve.

Graduate Evaluations

As part of the graduation requirement for all students, they are asked to evaluate the school and reflect on what they perceive to be the real strengths and weaknesses of our programs.

Staff Evaluations

Once a year all staff members of IGSM (Executive and Support Staff) are asked to evaluate every aspect of our program.