Instructional Formats

IGSM uses four different instructional formats depending on the need of the student. The format is also determined by the number of students in geographic proximity, cost and availability of needed resources, availability of internet connectivity, and the support system available to oversee and facilitate the learning modules.

  • South Africa 2007 ChandrakumarCorrespondence – At this level all students are working on their own with course materials supplied to them on CD’s, DVD’s or printed copies. Modules include Bible study, reading, listening or watching, prayer/meditation, practical ministry and writing assignments, as well as a final written project. Students work independently under the general supervision of a mentor.
  • Learning Centers – In this format a host church partners with IGSM to provide Learning Centers at their church site. These centers include a minimal number of computers for use by the students as well as a minimal library with books that are appropriate for our learning modules. Each computer has Bible software and materials for use by the students in their research and writing. Students will be under the supervision of a mentor. Where possible library loan agreements will be made with existing Bible College or Seminary libraries so students can also have access to their materials.
  • Distance Education – In this format students are able to take learning modules on-line assuming they have internet access at a reasonable cost. Students will also have reading requirements for each module. Much of the instruction and resources will be delivered via the internet. Written assignments will also be required for these learning modules. Those students choosing to take modules in this format will need to have access to the necessary computer hardware and software to facilitate the learning modules as well as knowledge of how to use those resources.
  • On-Site Learning Modules – When and where we have enough students in a single geographical area we will hold intensive learning modules at a host church site or at another site that will meet our needs. These modules have an intensive format (students are required to be on-site for one week and complete a portion of their assignments under the direction of a local qualified instructor during that week). Students are required to complete their reading assignments before attending the on-site module. After the on-site module students will write a paper that applies the information from that learning module to their unique setting. Instructors will help teach, coach, and mentor the students during the week.