Admission Requirements

Admission to IGSM is based on an application process. We review each application thoroughly to determine the applicant’s qualifications as well as compatibility of the school programs to the applicant’s educational goals.

Based on the school’s commitment to Christian principles and foundations, applicants must be Christian believers.

Application and admission is a multi-step process.

  1. Students should first identify a mentor who will work with them through the entire process of completing a degree or non-degree program. In some cases mentors will be the ones who initiate the process by selecting students they feel would benefit from the IGSM program. In other cases the students will need to initiate the process. In this situation the student must find a mentor who is academically qualified to serve as a mentor. This means someone who has a degree equal or higher than the program the student plans on applying for. (i.e. if the student is applying for the Bachelor of Ministry degree then the mentor must have completed a Bachelor of Ministry degree or the equivalent.) For students in the non-degree programs the mentor must have completed a Bachelor of Ministry degree or the equivalent. If there are any questions regarding a potential mentor, the student or mentor should contact the IGSM office before any application is submitted.
  2. Students then sign a Financial Contract with the mentor regarding the fees for each module that they will be studying. Mentors should contact the IGSM office before this contract is finalized. IGSM allows mentors to determine the fees for each module. However IGSM has a minimum fee that is required to be paid to the IGSM office to cover operational expenses for the school. Mentors should connect directly with the IGSM office when they get ready to set the fee so they know the current minimum for their particular country. A copy of the Financial Contract is provided at the end of this Handbook and also in a PDF version on the website.
  3. Students should then fill out the IGSM Application Form provided at the end of this Handbook or in a PDF version on our website.
  4. Students should submit the Application Form to their mentors along with the following:
  • Letters of recommendation from three persons not related to the applicant, who know the applicant well, preferably pastors, ministry leaders, community leaders, Bible College or seminary professors or instructors. (Copies of the form to be used are provided at the end of this Handbook as well as in a PDF version on our website.
  • A letter of approval and promise of support from the applicant’s current employer.
  • Transcripts from all previous colleges, universities, or seminaries.
  • A picture (a close-up of head and shoulders) should be emailed to IGSM. The photograph is needed so we can provide a student identification card.
  1. Upon receipt of all necessary documentation, the mentor will submit copies of these documents to the IGSM office and make a program recommendation for the student as well as identifying the first module that the student will be taking. The mentor will also submit the registration fee at this time to the IGSM office. Mentors should contact the IGSM office to determine the best way to transfer funds from their particular country.
  2. The IGSM office will review the mentor recommendations along with the application materials and notify the mentor and the student as soon as possible whether they can proceed to begin their studies.
  3. When the student is accepted to begin their studies they pay the complete fee for their first module before beginning their study. At that time the appropriate materials will be supplied to the student. In most cases this will be done online, but in some cases it may be necessary to supply these materials in a different format.

Special Student Admission Status

The standard prerequisite for each of our programs is given in a previous section of this handbook. However, IGSM allows a limited number of students to enter programs without all necessary prerequisites under a category entitled Special Student Status. This should be addressed during the application process if necessary.