Monthly Archives: October 2016

2016 – July – New sites in Abuja, Nigeria

We have now begun two sites in Abuja, Nigeria. One is under the direction of Pastor Adams Kayili and the other led by Pastor Solution Abangma. Together there are approximately 30 students who have now started their classes there.

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2016 – July – Students in Ugep Nigeria get additional tablet computers

Through the gifts of three churches we were able to purchase additional tablet computers so all students at the Ugep site now are able to use these computers. This allows students who do not have access to the internet or have their own personal computers to access all of our courses including video, audio, and text for the class assignments.

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2016 – July – New site in Lagos, Nigeria

We have begun a new site in Lagos, Nigeria under the direction of Pastor Joshua Olaoye along with about 20 new students.

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2016 – July – New site in Ethiopia

We were able to open a new site in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia under the direction of Zelalem Cherenet who is also the director of Encourage Ethiopia. 26 students have now joined IGSM.

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2016 – July – New sites in Rwanda

We have added new sites in Kigali and Musanze, Rwanda under the leadership of Dr. Samuel Vefson. We also have Pastor David Uwimana in Musanze as our coordinator and Pastor Alphred Gatete in Kigali as a coordinator in Kigali along with Dr. Vefson. There are approximately 80 students at these two sites.


2015 – March – New Sites in Kenya

This month, IGSM has launched two new sites in Kenya, one in the capital city of Nairobi and the other in Kuysiani. Pastor Julius Makau and Dr. Steven Mulatya are the coordinators for these sites.

2014 – March – New site in Nigeria

IGSM has launched a new school site in Ugep, Nigeria with about 25 students. Pastor Livinus Ofem is the coordinator for this site.